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Making Connections

by Janet Gonzalez-Mena
May/June 2011
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The answer to the question in the title is “Lots!” if they are fans of Lilian Katz.

I wouldn’t have said that before I sat down to read the new book Lilian wrote with her son Stephen. It’s called Intellectual Emergencies. It starts out with 12 of Lilian’s principles �" a trademark of hers. Some of her principles I remembered from a class I took from Lilian back before either of us had any gray hairs.

Because I’m an infant-toddler person, I read always with an eye to how things relate to that age group. I found some perfect matches in this book and I want to pass them on to you, dear reader! How to do that perplexed me as I read along through the principles. Then I
figured it out.

Lilian has her intellectual emergencies, and me, I have my flights of fantasy. So what did I do when I finished reading the principles in her book? Well, I put together a discussion and brought some of my favorite people to it! It’s fantasy, so it doesn’t matter that a couple of them aren’t with us any more.

Check out the scene. It’s a playroom with four infants, three mothers, ...

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