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Making Digital Books with Children? You Really Must Try it!

by Jean Anne Clyde and Mark W. F. Condon
July/August 2009
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Forever, teachers have spent endless hours cutting and pasting children’s photos and artwork, creating one-of-a-kind class books for the children in their classes to enjoy. Those texts have always been most cherished by children, worn to tatters �" a sure sign of how much children love stories about themselves. Teachers figured out long ago what researchers have documented: Children are most passionate about books that feature characters and lives like their own. And the most perfect texts of all are books that include the children themselves!

Ten years ago, digital cameras with their hefty price tags were unaffordable; color printers were even rarer, and no software programs existed for children and teachers to create locally focused books. But thanks to recent technological advances, things have changed and making books has never been easier. Class books, once a rare and time-intensive labor of love, can now be created quickly, easily, and inexpensively . . . as in free!

Making books: A very good thing

When we make books for or with children, we make it clear that their stories, their cultures, and their lives are worth reflecting upon and celebrating. Incorporating even very young children’s artwork honors their efforts at ...

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