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Natural Phenomenon: A Conference About Earth Knowledge

by Memory Loader
May/June 2011
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“Natural Phenomenon” �" what a title for a conference! And what a phenomenon it was. With a line-up of speakers from around the globe, not to mention the magical aura of the Wild Woods, we were in for two and a half days of environmental invigoration. Of course, this review is only a glimpse of the magic that occurred, but it was a weekend full of heart and brain food that I would recommend to all who love to frolic in nature.

The Wild Woods is situated approximately 20 minutes out of Whangarei, New Zealand, and is the play space for the children who attend Cherie Daly’s early childhood centre Open Spaces. The environment was the perfect setting for an all-outdoors conference. I was fortunate enough to be there with three of my like-minded and thoughtful colleagues who made the experiences all the more wild! On arrival it was straight into organising our five-star accommodations, a three lady-/one man-sized tent. Perfect. We arrived just in time to help with the final touches of setting up, which included putting up a marquis and giant flags. My friend Jonny (one of the talented speakers) and I were put on giant flag-making detail. We were ...

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