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Nine Steps to Headache-Free Fee Collections

by Ideas from the field
January/February 2011
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For three decades Exchange has been surveying directors about fees and fee collections. From the ideas they have shared, we have developed nine steps that lead to effective and relatively painless collection of parent fees. Over the 30 years, what is remarkable, is how little the basic keys to success have changed. This 2010 version of the nine steps incorporates some new ideas, and much endorsement of classic principles, from Dan Lawler at Children’s Choice Learning Centers in Dallas, Bob Siegel of Easter Seals in Chicago, and Fred Citron with Montgomery Early Learning Centers in Philadelphia. Directors who have shared their ideas in the past are listed at the end of the article.

Step 1
Spell out fee policies on day one

When enrolling a new family, explain to parents how the smooth operation of the center is dependent on all fees being paid on time. Fee payment schedules and procedures should be clearly presented verbally and then provided to parents in writing.

This discussion should cover not only when and how to pay fees, but also what actions the center will take when payments are delinquent, and what steps parents can take in advance when they know they will have difficulty paying fees ...

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