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Non Profit Leaders Face New Realities

by Roger Neugebauer
July/August 2010
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“It’s the economy, stupid!”

When Exchange surveyed leaders of North America’s largest non profit child care organizations about threats facing their organizations, not surprisingly, the ‘state of the economy’ was foremost on their minds. What is surprising is that these organizations have been able to weather the economic storm quite well:

• In the past 12 months, 53% of the largest 25 non profit organizations actually increased the number of children they serve, while only 32% experienced decreases.

• Looking ahead to the next 12 months 37% expect to increase, 37% remain stable, and 26% to decrease in size.

We should not, however, downplay how difficult this period has been for all programs. Here are some typical reports:

Douglas Baird of Baird Associates: “For Massachusetts, unemployment remains high and public funding reductions continue. The number of programs in one or another form of trouble continues to increase. There are some, but not so many, closures. Too many programs cut and cut until there is not much left except minimum mandatory standards.”

Don Geisbrecht of Canadian Child Care Federation: “The current economic downturn has had moderate impact generally for non-profits across Canada. However . . . while the impact has been moderate, it has been rare to see significant growth ...

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