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Nurturing Compassion: Kids Can Care

by Roslyn Duffy
May/June 2009
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�" Situation �"

A human being is part of the . . . universe. Our task [is that of] widening the circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature . . .
Albert Einstein

Scene #1:
Alison, aged two and half, is patting Tommy’s back. When Tommy fell off his tricycle, Alison abandoned her sand play and went to him. Their teacher invites Alison to help tend to Tommy’s bumped knee.

Scene #2:
Following a presentation by Children’s Corner, an organization that provides clothing and assistance to needy families, Bobby follows the speaker into the hall and tugs off his t-shirt, “Please give this to a poor child,” he says. Bobby is three years old.

Scene #3:
A pre-K class composed a poem with their teacher, which she entered into a local contest. The poem won and the children received a $150 reward. They agreed to buy a $30 marble run with the money, but that left $120 unspent. “We can give it to the food bank,” said one little girl,
a place the children visited regularly. The others unanimously agreed.

�" Solution �"
Three themes

These stories demonstrate remarkable caring, that special caring rooted in compassion. Simply defined, compassion is the desire to alleviate another’s ...

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