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Nurturing Creativity in Children

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This Out of the Box Training is based on the article “Serious Play: Children and Creativity,” by Caitlin (Cat) Lynch. Through reading, reflection, discussion, and active investigations, participants will clarify their understanding of and beliefs about children and creativity and then apply their refined thinking to the materials, tools, and support they offer to more effectively foster creative expression in children.

Target Audience: This training is designed for caregivers and educators with intermediate or advanced skills working with toddler, preschool, and school-age children.

What is Included?

Facilitator’s Guide:

  • Target audience
  • Timeline for preparation and training
  • Foundations for Adult Learning
  • Guide to activity materials, preparation, and implementation for each training activity
  • Certificate of attendance and participation

The Participant Kit:

  • Expected outcomes
  • Training outline and timeline
  • The article which forms the basis of this training
  • Handouts, including an agenda for each training activity
  • Learning Assessment
  • Training Evaluation
  • Resources for Enrichment

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Nurturing Creativity in Children