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Oh Boy! Strategies for Teaching Boys in Early Childhood

by Francis Wardle
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Oh Boy! suggests that many of the struggles young boys have in our early childhood programs and schools are not simply a result of bad behavior. Rather, boys struggle because of a much more fundamental problem: a mismatch between how most young boys develop, grow, and learn, and the kinds of expectations, outcomes, activities, and discipline approaches used in programs during the early years.

“I think a radical change is needed in order to fully meet the needs of young boys. A place to start is recognizing that typical boy behaviors like lack of attention, risk taking, poor emotional regulation, full body movement, and messy exploration of the physical world, are the norm, and not the exception. This book hopes to aid programs as they begin to acknowledge and celebrate this norm."
- Francis Wardle

"This is not just a book, it’s a story…a story of hope for young boys attending childcare in any type of setting. It’s a story that sends a message to our industry that we need a paradigm shift - to our thinking, our training, and our hiring - to recognize the gender imbalance that is putting young boys at great risk of failure. It’s a story that urges us as a field to better understand the specific complexities of caring for young boys so that we may fulfill our ultimate promise to provide the highest quality of care possible to all children.”
- Jerry Parr, President/CEO Willow Tree Early Education Team

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why We Need to Focus on Young Boys
Chapter 1: The Challenge of Boys
Chapter 2: Causes: How Did We Get Here?
Chapter 3: Young Boys Are Unique
Chapter 4: The Solution: Theoretical Underpinnings
Chapter 5: Policies and Program Practices
Chapter 6: Curricular Approaches
Chapter 7: Aspects of a Classroom
Chapter 8: Play in the Outdoors
Chapter 9: Men in the Lives of Young Children
Glossary of Key Terms
About the Author

ISBN: 978-0-942702-28-6