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Organizing Materials for a More Settled Classroom

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This Out of the Box Training from Exchange Press is based on the article “Makeover Your Classroom: Storage and Materials,” by Lisa Porter Kuh and Iris Chin Ponte. By fully participating in this training, you will deepen your appreciation for a prepared environment, and refresh how you arrange and store classroom materials to support children’s joyful and meaningful learning experiences.

Target Audience: This training is designed for caregivers and educators currently working with children of all ages.

What is Included?

Facilitator’s Guide:

  • Target audience
  • Timeline for preparation and training
  • Foundations for Adult Learning
  • Guide to activity materials, preparation, and implementation for each training activity
  • Certificate of attendance and participation

The Participant Kit:

  • Expected outcomes
  • Training outline and timeline
  • The article which forms the basis of this training
  • Handouts, including an agenda for each training activity
  • Learning Assessment
  • Training Evaluation
  • Resources for Enrichment

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Organizing Materials for a More Settled Classroom