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Parenting a Child with Special Needs

by Meg Robinson
November/December 1992
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What is it like for the parents when their child has a disability?

When you have a child who has a disability, there's a lot that goes on. You go through the same stages you go through in any kind of very difficult situation. First, you have denial of the problem; every parent has denial in varying degrees. Then you want to hide it, make it a secret. No one should know that my child has a disability, that my child is going to be labeled. Then you have to try to deal with what the implications of the disability are for the child, for you as the parent of the child, for the school, and so on. And it's not like you go through all those adjustments and then wrap it up and put it on a shelf. The adjustment is an ongoing kind of thing - there are peaks and plateaus; you gradually reach some hurdles and you get over them.

I sound like I'm being very negative; I'm actually very positive. You gain a lot, too. It helps you become a more sensitive person, more aware of other people. ...

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