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Participatory Creativity

by Luis Hernandez
July/August 2012
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Getting creative is not an easy process. Be it on our own or with others, it takes a mixture of ideas, stimulations, pressures, and singular vision to get to that ‘aha’ moment. Some of us love going it alone: humming in our private world, tinkering, experimenting, and simply thinking. And then there are those of us who love getting with others to create a long list of possibilities, bouncing ideas back and forth, our collective juices overflowing. The challenge is in generating the best from individuals and distilling the best from the group. In the workplace, there has to be a balance of the two if we are to get anything done.

Why is creativity an important part of an organization? Isn’t that something that the children should be doing so that their families can put it up on the refrigerator door and say, “Look how creative she is!”? But creativity is much more than that and should be an ingredient of any smart and savvy organization. Creativity reflects that an organization is up-to-date with trends, research, new practices, and stimulating ideas. Many an organization can get dusty and stale if we neglect to give it shocks of creativity on a regular ...

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