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Picky Eaters: Palate, Protection, or Pampering?

by Roslyn Duffy
March/April 2009
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" Situation "

Parent #1:
“Every time I serve something different, even if only a chunk of pineapple on pizza, one or more of my kids refuses to try it!“

Parent #2
“My daughter actually gags at the sight of a glass of milk!“

Parent #3
“My son won’t eat anything but cornflakes " breakfast, lunch, or dinner!“

" Solution "

At a recent dinner one of my friends told about asking me (the group’s supposed parenting ‘expert’) what to do about a ‘picky eater.’ She laughed as she described how I had thrown up my hands and said, “Darned if I know!“ The truth is, as a mom of four proficient picky eaters, this topic has long challenged me.

Then another friend told about preparing separate meals for her sons and herself, due to food allergies. Upon hearing that, a third person, said, “I’d no sooner have served my boys different menus than I’d buy a ticket to the moon!“ (Fortunately for everyone, her sons didn’t have allergies.) But if you’re like me, no matter what my head says, in my gut I am tormented that my darlings will starve to death " and it would be all my fault! Three themes are apparent from this discussion.

Three themes

The ...

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