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Play into Practice

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in PDF format, focusing on the use of play in practice:

  • Imaginative Play During Childhood: Required for Reaching Full Potential
    by Karen Stephens
  • The Play’s the Thing: Styles of Playfulness
    by Elizabeth Jones
  • Thinking About Children’s Play
    by David Elkind
  • Getting Back to the Basics of Children’s Play
    by Francis Wardle
  • Make-Believe Play: Why Bother?
    by Dennie Wolf
  • The Spirit of Adult Play
    by Bonnie Neugebauer
  • Catching the Spirit: Training Teachers to be Playful
    by Margie Carter
  • Roughhousing As a Style of Play
    by Rick Porter
  • Problems in Make-Believe Play: Real and Pretend
    by W. George Scarlett
  • Safety Issues
    by Amelia Gambetti

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Play into Practice