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Product Design Ideas

by Contributed by Members of the Exchange Advertising Community
July/August 2012
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Gale Cohen-Frank, ­President, MAGGEY Software

Our ideas come from many places but our clients are our number one source of ideas to improve and enhance our program. We listen carefully during support calls to make sure their needs are addressed in future updates. Our clients are also encouraged to submit suggestions via fax and email.

Besides spending time speaking to people we review rules and regulations for many states, join forums and discussion groups for Childcare Management, CACFP Meal Planning and Nutrition, as well as Childcare Marketing. All of these help us produce a product that make our clients successful.

Jonathan Freiden, CEO, Constructive Playthings

Fifty-nine years ago my grandmother Francis Gershon, a progressive co-op nursery school teacher, saw the need for high-quality, age-appropriate materials to benefit her early childhood classroom. Based upon this necessity, Francis became a pioneer as a woman in business to establish Constructive Playthings.

As a child, I reaped the benefits of a grandmother who owned a warehouse filled with thoughtfully selected age-appropriate toys. Blocks, paint, clay, wooden trucks, puzzles, and more became a part of my childhood memories. I reflect on the value of these play experiences, knowing my grandmother personally selected each item with the intent of providing ...

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