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Responding Professionally and Compassionately to Challenging Behavior

by Karen Stephens
September/October 1996
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It's around 3 PM. It's been a long day. I'm tired, the kids are rambunctious. Why not? They're energized from nap! (When will we adults ever learn to join in?)

It's a typical "making the transition to snack time" afternoon. Even the telephone rings on cue to complete the cacophony. It's the editor of this fine magazine, "Karen, tell me about difficult kids." Instant reaction: "I'll fax you first and last names in five minutes."

No, I'd never break confidentiality rules by divulging names! But my point is, I could name names. And when I conferred with our teaching staff about difficult children, we came up with the very same names!

There are children who are so challenging of our every decision, so demanding of emotional reserves and physical stamina, so intent on testing our commitment to consistency, that they leave a very vivid impression . . . for life . . . or at least a career.

If you've been to even one self-esteem or positive discipline workshop, you know the dangers of labeling kids. They live up to the labels we bestow! Research (and common sense) warns us of the ...

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