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Science Learning in the Early Years

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These articles invite you to reflect on children’s early scientific learning, playful and practical ways to bring science into early childhood settings, and ways adults can support children’s learning through inquiry and collaboration.

This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format:

  • All We Need Is A Measuring Tape, Water, and Worms
    Diann Gano
  • Playful Science Activities for Young Children
    Cathy Meredith and Satomi Izumi-Taylor
  • The Lizard Ate My Cricket: Live Action Science for the ECE Classroom
    Sharon Arias and Shareen Abramson
  • Partnering with Families to Support Children’s Early Science Learning
    Cindy Hoisington
  • Creating a Culture of Scientific Inquiry among Educators in an Early Childhood Context
    Alison Maher and Ellen Hall
  • Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child: Using an Exhibit as a Catalyst for Learning
    Alexandra Cruickshank and Ellen Hall
  • Beyond Nature Hikes and Butterflies: Expanding Children’s Capacity for Scientific Inquiry
    Kelly K. Twibell and Diane Harkins
  • Simple Science in Your Classroom: Using Keys, Worms, and Pennies
    Deborah A. Moberly and Jennifer Fruend

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Science Learning in the Early Years