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Supporting Language Diversity

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This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format, focusing on supporting language diversity

  • Preparing Bicultural, Bilingual Children to Succeed in School
    by Hazel Osborn
  • Saving and Strengthening Languages - Using Them “Right” in Education and Development
    by Sheldon Shaeffer
  • Hearing Parents in Every Language - An Invitation to ECE Professionals
    by Holly Elissa Bruno
  • Language Immersion Programs for Young Children
    by Francis Wardle
  • Bilingualism/Multilingualism and Language Acquisition Theories
    by Evienia Papadaki-D’Onofrio
  • Training and Supporting Caregivers Who Speak a Language Different from Those in Their Community
    by Joan Matsalia and Paula Bowie
  • Supporting Multicultural, Multilingual Families
    by Julie Garrett
  • The Language of Anger: The Words That Impact Behavior for English Speakers
    by Carlos Juan Marrero
  • Supporting Young Children as Activists - Anti-Bias Project Work
    by Ann Pelo

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Supporting Language Diversity