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Suzie's Mommy is Having a Baby: Don't Freak Out!

by Mary Sciaraffa
September/October 2012
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At circle time, four-year-old Suzie announces that her mommy is going to have a baby and the baby is in Mommy’s tummy. There is a buzz among the children who want to know the answers to many questions.

Jerilyn asks, “How did the baby get into your mommy’s tummy?”

Darla proudly announces, “My baby ­sister was born at the hospital where
the doctor gets the baby out of the ­mommy’s tummy.”

George asks, “How do they get the baby out?”

Later that morning, Darla is eager to show the other children in the dramatic play area how mommy feeds her baby sister. Darla lifts up her shirt and puts the baby doll next to her chest. Several other children imitate Darla in breastfeeding the baby dolls. All the while, the teacher is unsure how to respond to the children and debates whether or not she should share this information with her director and the children’s families. The teacher opts to ignore the children and hopes the next nine months are a lot less eventful. Nine months later the teacher watches Suzie in the dramatic play area demonstrating the birth of a baby. At this point, the teacher ...

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