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Teaching Four-Year-Olds: A Personal Journey - Updated & Revised Edition

by Carol B. Hillman
ITEM #: 4000567

What does every young child need to be a well-adjusted, happy person? From Carol Hillman’s years of experience and wisdom comes the answer: Help each child discover a world where play, creative freedom, self trust, and personal responsibility open the child’s mind and heart to the excitement of learning and the enjoyment of sharing it with others.

Seldom has one writer been able to capture the inspirational vision and practical knowledge necessary for the effective teaching of young children. Expect to be enchanted, enlightened, and affirmed by the philosophy and very best beliefs about children and their learning. Early childhood educators and parents alike have much to learn from this classic book.

”Carol Hillman's book continues to deeply touch my students in ways no other author does. Her writing helps them to imagine and plan for the classrooms they will one day occupy, as well as to consider the complexities of the art and science of teaching."
�" Dianne Rush Pape, Ph.D., Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Texas State University

"This book makes learning visible in a vital, developmental, and tangible way that makes it a must read for the next generation of early childhood educators and parents."
�" Arlene Uss, Director, The Center for Early Care & Education, Division of Continuing Education, Bank Street College of Education

"At a time when education policy discourse threatens to focus too heavily on performance standards for even very small children, Hillman's book is a much-needed reminder that strong and supported teaching is the most indispensable standard of all."
�" Rachel Grob, Ph.D, Director, Child Development Institute, Sarah Lawrence College

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • A Parent's Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Hidden Curriculum
  • The Master Teacher
  • The End of Summer
  • Home Visits
  • Setting Up the Classroom
  • Creating a Safe and Secure Environment
  • Parent Orientation
  • The First Few Days of School
  • The Teacher of Young Children
  • Finding the Positives in Children
  • Time to Evaluate
  • A Parent Conference
  • Decision-Making
  • The Youngest Child in the Class
  • High Spirits and Holidays
  • Friendship: Teacher to Teacher
  • Handling Sensitive Issues in the Classroom
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Blocking Is More Than Building with Blocks
  • Music in the Classroom
  • From Monarchs to Maple Syrup: Science for All Seasons
  • A Book Is a Special Kind of Friend
  • Art Is for Every Day
  • The Cognitive Clamor
  • Building Trust
  • Endings and Beginnings

ISBN: 978-0-942702-53-8