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Art of Leadership: Cultivating Curriculum in Early Childhood Organizations

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This comprehensive hands-on series of books examines every aspect of effective center management from A to Z. Offering the best advice and thinking from recognized experts on program administration, these books are designed to be comprehensive, hands-on training texts as well as ongoing reference tools for center administrators. The ideas presented are practical; the strategies are proven to work.

A high quality curriculum is at the core of a high quality early childhood program. Cultivating Curriculum in Early Childhood Organizations provides practical, down-to-earth advice from leading experts on curriculum development. Content focuses on child development, curriculum principles, environmental design, and program evaluation. 166 pgs.

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Table of Contents


  • The Leader as Keeper of the Faith by Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 1: Understanding Child Development

  • Friendship - Loving: What Early Childhood Education is All About by Ashley Montagu
  • What Should Young Children be Learning? by Lilian G. Katz
  • The Effects of Culture on Thinking by Barbara Bowman
  • Primed for Learning: The Young Child’s Mind by Karen Stephens
  • Building Brains One Relationship at a Time by Gina Lebedeva
  • The Wisdom of Children by Ruth A. Wilson

Chapter 2: Crafting the Curriculum

  • Designing a Curriculum for Early Childhood Teachers and Caregivers by Lawrence J. Schweinhart
  • Everyday Differentiation: How Administrators Support Differentiation of Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms by Ann Gadzikowski
  • The Importance of Order by Jim Greenman
  • Taking a Stand on Standards of Experience by Lilian G. Katz
  • Responding to Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Early Childhood Programs by Francis Wardle
  • Preparing Bicultural, Bilingual Children to Succeed in School by Hazel Osborn
  • A Journey towards Inclusion by Kate Jordan-Downs
  • The Intangibles in the Early Childhood Classroom by Carol B. Hillman
  • Universal Early Childhood Curriculum Principles by Lawrence J. Schweinhart and Diane Trister Dodge

Chapter 3: Designing the Space

  • The Physical Environment: A Powerful Regulator of Experience by Elizabeth Prescott
  • Places to Live: Important Dimensions of Child Care Settings by Jim Greenman
  • How to Create an Environment that Counteracts Stereotyping by Alice Sterling Honig
  • Places for ALL Children: Building Environments for Differing Needs by Diane Trister Dodge
  • Children Need to Live in the Real World by Jim Greenman
  • Planning Intentionally for Children’s Outdoor Environments The Gift of Change by Nancy Rosenow
  • Are Your Children in Times Square? Moving from Confinement to Engagement by Sandra Duncan and Michelle Salcedo
  • Creating Environments that Intrigue and Delight Children and Adults by Wendy Shepherd and Jennifer Eaton

Chapter 4: Evaluating the Program

  • Looking at the Quality of Early Childhood Programs by Lilian G. Katz
  • Measuring the Quality of Early Childhood Organizations Guidelines for Effective Evaluation Tools by Ann S. Epstein
  • Learning to See... Seeing to Learn The Role of Observation in Early Childhood Development by Diane C. MacLean
  • Are We Doing Things Just Because We've Always Done Them this Way? by Kim Turner
  • Questions to Guide Our Work by Margie Carter
  • Conducting a Realistic Self-assessment with the Environmental Rating Scal by Thelma Harms
  • Seeing Children’s Lively Minds at Work by Deb Curtis
  • Be the Change You Wish to See in Your Program by Elizabeth Beavers and Donna Kirkwood

ISBN: 978-0-942702-62-0