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Art of Leadership: Managing Money in Early Childhood Organizations

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This comprehensive hands-on series of books examines every aspect of effective center management from A to Z. Offering the best advice and thinking from recognized experts on program administration, these books are designed to be comprehensive, hands-on training texts as well as ongoing reference tools for center administrators. The ideas presented are practical; the strategies are proven to work.

Administrators of early childhood programs must be as effective at managing financial matters as they are at caring for young children and their families. Managing Money in Early Childhood Organizations provides you with practical advice from top experts on every aspect of money management, including budgeting, fundraising, financial reporting, cash flow analysis, audits, salary schedules, fee policies, collection techniques, and more. 139 pgs.

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Table of Contents


  • Managing Money as if Your Center Depended Upon It by Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 1: Financial Management Principles and Practices

  • Financial Management in Early Childhood Programs by Lori Harris
  • Budgeting for Quality and Survival in the 21st Century by R. Ann Whitehead
  • Looking at Revenue in a Different Way �" Playing the Slots! by Bob Siegel
  • Numero Uno by Dennis Vicars
  • Is Your Center in Good Financial Health? by Mary Brower and Theresa Sull
  • To Own or to Lease? by Kathy Ligon and Shawn Riley
  • To Profit or Not to Profit? by Roger Neugebauer

Chapter 2: Financial Management Strategies and Tools

  • Using Metrics to Strengthen Business Leadership Focus on Enrollment by Louise Stoney and Libbie Poppick
  • Monitoring Fee Collection and Cost-per-Child by Louise Stoney and Libbie Poppick
  • Using Metrics to Influence Policy Decisions by Louise Stoney and Libbie Poppick
  • Insurance for Child Care Providers by Holly Myers
  • Accounts Receivable Management by Kathy Ligon
  • Fourteen Steps to Cash Flow Management by Roger Neugebauer
  • Nine Steps to Fee Collections Ideas from the Field
  • Surviving Tight Times by Roger Neugebauer
  • Establishing and Managing a Tuition Aid Program by Teresa Vast

  • Staffing at the Child Care Center by Lori Harris

Chapter 3: Raising Funds to Support Quality

  • Secrets of Successful Fundraisers by Dawn Marie Barhyte
  • Fundraising Success Stories by Roger Neugebauer
  • Securing Funds through Grant Writing by Fredalene Bowers
  • Fishing for Dollars in Philanthropic Waters by Anne Mitchell
  • Confessions of a Former Funder by Ann O’Brien
  • Fundraising for Your Center An Opportunity to Build Community by Vicky Tsakoyias-Mendes
  • Securing and Managing Child Care Subsidies by Judith Bordin
  • Ask and Ye Shall Receive A Primer for Large-scale Fundraising by Patricia Scallan Berl
  • People Giving to People Executing an Annual Giving Campaign by Patricia Scallan Berl
  • Shared Services A Powerful Strategy to Support Sustainability of ECE Businesses by Louise Stoney

ISBN: 978-0-942702-63-7