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The Intangibles in the Early Childhood Classroom

by Carol B. Hillman
March/April 2012
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The early years are such formative years, when attitudes are being created, when habits are taking shape, when thoughts are being crystallized. This is when the very essence of each child is coming into being. These are the intangibles that we may look for within early childhood settings.

We must look towards the child care centers around the world, the nursery schools, the public schools, and in the home care settings. It is there, in these important places, where we want to create a place where each child wants to be. For without that physical and emotional comfort the possibility of learning is greatly diminished. So from the very beginning, from the first steps away from home, we, as educators, must take it upon ourselves to think in depth, to plan for, organize, and thoughtfully build an environment that beckons the best both for and from the children.

What is it that we want young children to know beyond the alphabet and numbers, beyond the days of the week, the colors of the rainbow, beyond what testing is looking for? What are the goals we set for ‘our’ children during the year(s) that we share together?

An overarching belief for educators of young children ...

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