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The Intentional Teacher - Revised Edition

by Ann S. Epstein
ITEM #: 4130002

How do preschoolers learn and develop? What are the best ways to support learning in the early years? This revised edition of The Intentional Teacher guides teachers to balance both child-guided and adult-guided learning experiences that respond to children’s interests and focus on what they need to learn to be successful in school and life.

This edition offers new chapters on science, social studies, and approaches to learning. Also included is updated, expanded information on social and emotional development, physical development and health, language and literacy, math, and the creative arts. In each chapter are many practical teaching strategies that are illustrated with classroom-based anecdotes.

The Intentional Teacher encourages readers to

  • Reflect on their principles and practices
  • Broaden their thinking about appropriate early curriculum content and teaching strategies
  • Discover specific ideas and strategies for interacting with children in key subject areas
  • Intentional teaching does not happen by chance. This book will help teachers apply their knowledge of children and of content to make thoughtful, intentional use of both child-guided and adult-guided experiences.

"Deeply respectful of the role that teachers play in children’s lives, Epstein brings to life a sophisticated approach to teaching that is both committed to child development principles and sensitive to the demands of educational content. This book is a must-read for educators, parents, advocates, and policy makers."
�" Travis Wright, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"A clear and thoughtful how-to guide to teaching young children. Epstein provides a framework for creating powerful learning experiences for young children across the many domains of development."
�"Ben Mardell, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Lesley University

"The debates are over�"or they should be. Epstein marshals research and practical wisdom to get beyond arguments about “child-centered” versus “adult-centered” teaching strategies. With the help of this book, the intentional teacher skillfully blends both, promoting positive development for every child. Great for new and experienced teachers alike."
�"Marilou Hyson, Early Childhood Consultant and Adjunct Professor, University of Pennsylvania

"Many teachers get so busy in the classroom that they forget they are decision makers. The Intentional Teacher is a rich resource that teachers, coaches, and program leaders can use to fuel conversations about child- and adult-guided experiences and to build knowledge and skills around intentional decision making." �"Judy Jablon and Amy Laura Dombro, coauthors (with Charlotte Stetson) of Powerful Interactions: How to Connect With Children to Extend Their Learning

"This comprehensive update has been expanded to include all the curriculum domains and much new knowledge about children’s learning, resulting in this valuable contribution to early childhood educators!"
�"Carol Copple, Consultant

"Productive play and learning are the result of teacher intentionality. Epstein has given teachers a guidebook for what it means to be intentional in everything they do in programs with young children. This book is indispensable."
�"Frances Carlson, Lead Instructor, Early Childhood Care and Education Department, Chattahoochee Technical College, and author of Big Body Play: Why Boisterous, Vigorous, and Very Physical Play Is Essential to Children’s Development and Learning

ISBN: 978-1-938113-06-2

The Intentional Teacher - Revised Edition