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The Spirit of Teaching

ITEM #: 4902022

This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format, focusing on the spirit of teaching:

  • Joy in Our Relationships with Children, Families, and Each Otherby Luis Hernandez
  • The Intangibles in the Early Childhood Classroom
    by Carol B. Hillman
  • Spontaneity and the Pursuit of Beautiful Opportunities
    by Judith Pack
  • What It Really Means to Teach a Child
    by Ellen Fisher-Turk
  • Why Do We Do What We Do?
    by Ruth A. Wilson
  • Beyond Remote-Controlled Teaching and Learning: The Special Challenges of Helping Children Construct Knowledge Today
    by Diane E. Levin
  • Walking Alongside Children as They Form Compassion
    by Wendy Hinrichs Sanders

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The Spirit of Teaching