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Thriving on Feedback

by Julie Bartkus
May/June 2011
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Would you like your staff to feel valued? Would you like to know what changes you need to implement to be more effective in your leadership role? If you’ve answered yes, consider setting up systems so that you can get consistent feedback from your staff. When you open yourself up to receiving feedback from your staff, you’re sending a clear message to them that their thoughts and input matter, allowing you to cultivate positive relationships with them. This is a powerful technique for staff motivation as people have a deep desire to feel valued, respected, and appreciated at work.

Requesting feedback from your staff

The purpose of the feedback that you receive from your staff is to give you the opportunity to make constructive change happen and break down the ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mindset that can divide your team and break down trust. Really knowing how your staff feels �" and then providing them with methods for communicating their thoughts and feelings directly with you on an ongoing basis �" can be a valuable tool in your toolbox. Internally your organization will thrive, especially when there are major challenges to overcome.

Feedback that will help you and your center thrive can come ...

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