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Tiny Food for Tiny Fingers

by Buffy Owens
May/June 2009
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This month we are going to take traditional favorites for young children and change them up a little. Classic children’s meals include tuna salad and egg salad. This time, in addition to using bread we are going to use cucumbers and celery.

Make your tuna and egg salad like you always do. I like to add chopped celery and pickles. Set aside. Cut both ends off of your cucumber, and then cut the cucumber in 1” circles. Use the melon baller to scoop out the inside of the cucumber circle, being careful to not go all the way to the bottom. Set them aside. Cut the remaining 2 stalks of celery in 1” lengths and set them aside. Fill several slices of bread with the tuna salad and the egg salad, reserving some for the cucumbers and celery. When the bread is filled with either salad mixture, place another slice of bread on top. Cut the sandwich in shapes. I really like graduated cutters because the children think they are fun. For our profession they are a good way to teach shapes and sizes. Fill the cucumbers with tuna and egg salad, as well as the celery sticks. Garnish, ...

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