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Too Hot to Handle?

by Bobbie Rose
January/February 2013
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Fevers are common for children. One-third of sick-child visits to the doctor are attributed to fevers, and fevers are responsible for many missed days of school and work (AAP, 2011). Even though fevers are common, they are ­often misunderstood by parents and early childhood educators.

While the practice of sending a child with a fever home is sometimes best for the child, it is often unnecessary and can be a burden for families and disruptive to teachers. According to a recent ­national poll, nearly two-thirds of parents of young children report their child could not attend child care because of illness in the past year, and one-third are worried about losing jobs or pay when taking off work to care for their sick children (C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, 2012). To support children, families, and teachers, Early Care and Education (ECE) programs need clear and up-to-date policies about fevers and exclusion for illness.

What Does it Mean When a Child Has a Fever?

A fever is a rise in body temperature that is above normal. Body temperature can be elevated because of overdressing, a hot environment, as a reaction to medications or vaccinations, or in response to infection. Much of the misunderstanding about ...

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