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Turning Knowledge Into Practice

by Pam Schiller
March/April 1999
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Early development is in its heyday. Public awareness is at an all time high. What's all the fuss about? With the daily revelation of knowledge about the human brain from the medical community, we now have access to exciting new information that can strengthen our teaching and ensure that we offer children the best possible foundation for learning. The art of teaching is now shaking hands with the science of teaching. We have scientific support for much of what we have long known is the best way to teach young children. In addition, we have information that allows us to use those strategies and techniques not only with renewed confidence but also with a greater depth of understanding of how those strategies actually work.

This article will take a few of the many findings that have emerged from the medical research and offer suggestions for ways to translate those findings into classroom application. You may be surprised to find out how many of the suggested activities you are already implementing in your classroom.

_ Finding: The brain needs to be properly hydrated in order to be alert.

Children who do not get enough water may appear bored, listless, and drowsy. Researchers recommend that we ...

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