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Voter Education Guide: Ask Your Candidates About Child Care

by Lynette M. Fraga and Anne Hedgepeth
September/October 2022
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This November, voters have a critical opportunity in every state to elect candidates to public office at all levels of government. The winners of these elections will be positioned to make public policy decisions that will directly impact future generations. The pandemic highlighted the vital role child care plays for millions of children and families, while simultaneously underscoring the precariousness of high-quality, affordable, and accessible child care for all families. It has never been more important to ask candidates to speak to their policy plans for child care.

At Child Care Aware® of America, we have a vision that every family in the United States has access to a high-quality, affordable child care system. Child care is an integral part of children’s growth, development, and educational advancement, and creates a positive economic impact for families and communities. Continuing to foster and grow these positive impacts requires comprehensive policies that are equity-driven, child-centered, family-engaged, and community-focused, and CCAoA uses these four policy goals as our guiding principles to ensure policymakers are engaged in fixing our broken child care system so that it serves all constituents.  

Elections provide an opportunity to clarify the issues and ensure that our public officials understand what policy ...

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