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When concerns arise

by Denise Cavner
September/October 2010
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When I talk with teachers about the children in their classroom who are exhibiting challenging behaviors and ask about the barriers they face when working with these children, I hear,
“The parents!”

As child care professionals we understand the importance of a team approach when working with children. We recognize that parents are their child’s first and most influential teacher. We also recognize that parents can offer us information about their child that will help us better understand each child’s individual needs and unique behaviors.

So, what is going on? Why are parents a barrier? Don’t we have the same goals for the children?

Partnering with parents

As child care professionals there are many benefits to being open to parent involvement and maintaining open communication with families. This work can be simple and enjoyable as we share positive interactions of our classroom’s daily activities. But, what if we have to share a concern about a child’s development or we need to discuss a behavior issue? When faced with sharing a concern with a parent, an anxious and uneasy feeling can occur. We may dread the moment the parent walks in the door and we are faced with having to speak with them. In fact, I ...

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