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Who's Who in For-Profit Child Care

March/April 1996
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Meet the leaders of North America's six largest for profit child care organizations:

Sandra Scarr
KinderCare Learning Centers
As the result of a major leadership shake-up last June, University of Virginia professor of psychology Sandra Scarr was named chief executive officer of KinderCare, the world's largest child care company.

One of Scarr's first initiatives was to commit KinderCare to upgrading the quality of care in all its centers. She has set a goal of gaining NAEYC center accreditation for all KinderCare centers. Another goal is to move toward having five degreed lead teachers in every center. In addition, Scarr has put the brakes on Kids' Choice, the school-age-only centers project started by her predecessor, and on KinderCare at Work ("Our forte is not customizing boutique centers for employers.")

Looking ahead, Scarr projects that the company will continue to grow the traditional core of its business, community centers for middle America. "KinderCare's strength," observes Scarr, "is building and operating cost effective centers for middle income families." In addition, KinderCare centers in mixed neighborhoods will reach out to provide care for children on subsidy. Scarr observes, "KinderCare has a social responsibility to provide quality care for low income families."

James Kahl
La Petite Academy

Two ...

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