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September/October 2011
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Mobile Outdoor Classrooms by Hadijah Nandyose

A Cost-Cutting Measure for Vulnerable Communities

Reaching those who are being left behind as a result of disparities linked to poverty, gender, ethnicity, language, and other markers of disadvantage should be established as a first order of priority (EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2010).

Plan Uganda works in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. In these communities, there are significant equity and poverty concerns that demand a development model that proves vulnerable children can be highly successful in school and life if provided with effective early childhood supports. In 2008 Plan Uganda began work on an ECCD approach " Com-munity Led Actions for Children (CLAC) " to identify essential supports that help children to enter school ready to succeed, with a focus on reaching the most excluded. The approach is hinged on the following major interventions: parenting, community-managed ECCD centers, and Transitions to Primary. The mobile classroom concept is tied to the goal of this approach: keeping costs low and quality high. It:

• Is a strategy for providing an affordable option that allows children from very disadvantaged families to access early childhood services.
• Emphasizes maximum use of available resources, including space, to increase portability and ...

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