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Working with Staff Using Baumrind’s Parenting Styles Framework

by Hollace Anne Veldhuis
November/December 2012
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Rosa, the Pre-K Teacher, sits across from me at my desk, her eyes on the floor. As the new director, my first visit to her classroom did not go well. When Rosa rang the bell for clean-up, four-year-old Natalie looked up from a chair in the play house. “Our game just started!” Rosa hesitated for a split second, and Natalie and her friend Evan, both dressed as firefighters, raced out of the play house and across the room. Rosa looked around, but her new assistant Noah had left to check on a child in the bathroom down the hall. Then a fist-fight broke out in the block area, and Rosa had to move quickly to resolve the conflict. Noah returned just in time to stop Stevie from turning over the water table.

Even now, a few hours later, Rosa does not want to talk about it. I try to start on a positive note. “You and Noah both seem to have good relationships with the children,” I say. Rosa looks up. “I never saw such wild children,” she answers. “I don’t see how they expect me to handle them without Lisa. They never should have taken her out of my classroom.” As ...

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