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Creating a Culture of Caring: A Socio-Ecological Well-Being Approach

by Amanda Schwartz and Kimberly Stice
January/February 2023
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Emily spends her days with 12 3-year-old children and a young assistant teacher in her classroom. This is her 20th year in the classroom and she loves working with children, but the past few years have been incredibly difficult on her and her colleagues. Emily continues to teach in her center because she loves her work. Yet, more importantly, she stays because her colleagues and administrators constantly support her when she needs them. She is able to take a quick break and go for a walk when she is having a hard time. If her own children are home sick, her program has qualified substitutes ready to take over her curriculum and instruction. Her program has a relationship with a mental health consultant to offer support to her, the children in her class, and their families, and a relationship to a local community college to provide support to her assistant teacher as she grows into her new role. She is afforded opportunities to engage in professional development to get better at her craft. She feels appreciated, valued, and supported, because she works in a center that embraces a culture ...

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