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Marian Wright Edelman Honored
June 10, 2002

"The art of governing consists of not allowing men to grow old in their jobs." —Napoleon Bonaparte


A new magazine, mental floss, honored child advocate Marian Wright Edelman in its third issue. Edelman was identified as one of "10 women that changed the way we think." Her write-up read:

"After graduating from Spelman College and Yale Law School, Marian Wright Edelman became the first black woman admitted to the Mississippi bar in 1965. She says that service was as much a part of her upbringing as eating breakfast and going to school. She directed the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in Mississippi and New York in the second half of the sixties and founded and presided over the Children's Defense Fund. This group has lobbied in support of the health, welfare and education of American children and their families. Marian has been a powerful advocate for the rights of this nation's youngest, disabled and disadvantaged, those too young or too poor to otherwise have voices of their own."

The other nine women honored by mental floss were Clara Barton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Blackwell, Margaret Sanger, Nellie Bly, Madeline Albright, Harriet Tubman, Margaret Mead, and Amelia Earhart.

To learn more about the Children's Defense Fund, go to thier web site at www.childrensdefense.org.


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