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Investments in Head Start, Other Pre-K, Reduce Future Incarcerations
July 7, 2021
When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.
-Lolly Daskal

John Peck, in a featured commentary on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review website writes, “Investments in the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts and Head Start programs can boost high school graduation rates and reduce the number of people who are incarcerated in Pennsylvania, and, for the 32,000 Pennsylvanian children served by such programs, lead to nearly $864 million in societal benefits over their lifetimes.”

The research is clear - from multiple sources - that quality early childhood programs bring long-lasting benefits to children’s lives. To effectively tell the story to families of the benefits of your own program, Suzanne Gellens, Bobbie Mathews, and Shari Young suggest harnessing the power of technology. Writing in an Exchange Essentials article collection, “Strategies for Promoting Your Program,” they explain:

“You can create a [video] tour of your child care program that will attract new customers, as well as inform current families of your philosophy and showcase your center. Once created, it is free advertising.” The authors provide multiple ways the video may be used. For example, they suggest the video can be:

  • “Placed on the school website and on multiple social media sites for marketing purposes.
  • Put in your center’s reception area on a video so enrolled families can hear your philosophy again for reinforcement.”

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