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Creating a More Positive Professional Life
September 10, 2021
‘You’re going to be happy,’ said life, ‘but first I’ll make you strong.’
-Paulo Coelho, Brazilian author of the bestselling book, The Alchemist
Ellen Drolette, in an article that provides the foundation of a new Exchange Reflectionsdiscusses how using a technique called appreciative inquiry can positively transform our lives. She explains:

“Using appreciative inquiry brings out the best in people and organizations. It is a change in mindset and takes intentional changes in the way we welcome families, hold conferences, talk about challenging behaviors, communicate with co-workers and children.”

Drolette provides many examples of how to use appreciative inquiry, and the Exchange ReflectionsAppreciative Inquiry for a More Positive Professional Life,” offers wonderful conversation starters and ideas for enhancing program and personal satisfaction. This Reflections will work equally well in a group setting or for personal learning.

Exchange Reflections

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