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Antidote to Technology Overload
October 6, 2021
Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.
-Anne Lamott, writer

"It's no doubt that our children are growing up in a fast-paced world. Technology is a great connector, but it can also demand that we be instantly available to each other, no matter what. And while it is wonderful to be able to turn on the television and ‘see’ each other all over the world in real time, this often means our children are bombarded with horrific images of war or natural disasters right in their own homes. Where is the 'safe haven' for our children these days?" ask authors Christine Kiewra, Tina Reeble and Nancy Rosenow in the book, Growing with Nature: Supporting Whole-Child Learning in Outdoor Classrooms.

"One answer is that nature-filled outdoor classrooms can provide that safe haven. There, away from televisions, video games, smart phones and computers for a brief time each day, the world can slow down and everyone can breathe easier. Children can be children, adults can smile more, and discoveries can unfold slowly, with no expectation of 'finding the one right answer.'"

Want to learn more about natural outdoor classrooms? Nature Explore is offering an online workshop, “Using Your Outdoor Classroom,” on October 28, 2021.

In the Out of the Box Training Kit, “Are Your Children in Times Square,” Sandra Duncan, author of Bringing the Outside In, and Michelle Salcedo, author of Uncover the Roots of Challenging Behavior, add to the call to create calming, natural outdoor environments by urging early care and education programs to also consider indoor spaces. They recommend that programs “strive to create spaces that caress, as opposed to assault young children’s senses. Spaces that are conducive to learning and prosocial behaviors are those that are high in sensory engagement rather than sensory overload.”

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