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A Mantra for Effective and Happy Teams
June 9, 2022
Change yourself, take baby steps, and stay determined for ten years.
-Jack Ma, Entrepreneur

According to executive coaches Susan Drumm and Shep Hyken, “happy employees make loyal customers.” One way they suggest building employee satisfaction and effectiveness is to ingrain company culture through a simple mantra.

“Unlike a mission statement, a mantra is one sentence or less and easy to digest and instill company-wide... For example, the mantra at luxury hotel chain Ritz-Carlton is ‘We’re ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,’ and employees at Shepard Presentations know ‘Always be amazing’ by heart.”

They go on to suggest you make your mantra visible and repeat it often, “And, of course, you have to walk the talk. Become a living example for the mantra you’re instilling in your employees. For example, if your mantra is ‘Enriching women’s lives’ like cosmetics company Mary Kay, then your presence, actions and behaviors need to embody that message.”

In the Exchange Essentials collection “Building an Effective Team,” Roger Neugebauer offers several ways to promote a positive and effective work environment and this bold reminder: “We have a long, proud tradition of caring. We make it possible for our nation’s economy to function. We are providing a nurturing, stimulating start in life for millions of children...Take pride in being a part of the early childhood profession.”

What’s your workplace mantra? Share it in the comments below!

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