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Create More Positive Organizational Cultures
October 27, 2023
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela
Rasmussen University interviewed a number of early care and education providers, asking them what has kept them in the field for so long. Here is what Jeanette Lepore, Ana Lau, Emily Daller shared:

“All three preschool teachers said they love their job because they know their work has lasting, positive effects.

‘I know that my work has had life-changing impacts on families and children,’ Lepore states. ‘I’ve had parents write letters about how they are a better parent because of my class. And I know other students have benefited from being connected to services they needed at the time, like special education or social workers.’

Lau also finds great satisfaction in starting young lives out positively.

‘We are the ones who are taking the time to really sit down and teach kids to be human,’ Lau says.”

The Exchange Essentials article collection, “Fostering Positive Organizational Culture,” provides tools to help leaders infuse their organizations with more optimism, enthusiasm and new ways to remind educators of the importance of their work. Here’s one example: Constant Hine and Robin Levy, in their article on transformational leadership in turbulent times write: “As change agents, transformational leaders guide people and organizations, partner with followers, empower teams, identify needed changes, and share a truly inspiring vision. As a strategy, they model these qualities to develop them in others.”

They go on to encourage leaders (who can come from all aspects of an organization) to develop these personal qualities:

“Transformational leaders are resilient and reflective, taking precious time to contemplate new or deeper perspectives in changing circumstances. They model resiliency by making calm intentional decisions. They are an idealized influence, charismatically walking their talk with open-minded and authentic curiosity regarding the needs of the organization and their followers. Transformational leaders constantly reflect on how to be a role model for others, engage in ethical and mindful behaviors, instill pride and motivation, acknowledge both the value and significant contributions of others, and earn respect and trust among followers.”


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