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What Will You Do for World Children's Day?
November 6, 2023
We can shift culture and consciousness right where we are—only if we believe in our own sweet wisdom, only if we are willing to say, even when our voice trembles: 'Their children are our children.'
-Valerie Kaur, Author, Activist, Lawyer
In 1954, the United Nations declared November 20 as World Children’s Day, not only to celebrate children, but also creating a call to action for adults and children alike. In 2023, the UN declares, “From climate change, education and mental health, to ending racism and discrimination, children and young people are raising their voices on the issues that matter to their generation and calling for adults to create a better future. This World Children’s Day, it’s more important than ever that the world listens to their ideas and demands. On 20 November, kids are speaking out and reimagining a better future. What will you do?”

Explore the many options and ideas offered by UNICEF, then share your own ideas and commitments in the comments.

One possibility is to offer a screening of the Voices of Children documentary and hold a discussion. The film and related resources are available from the World Forum Foundation at worldforumfoundation.org/voc. The film is closed captioned in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.


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Kirsten Haugen · November 06, 2023
Eugene, OR, United States

Oh, Ellen, yes. There are so many ways we are failing our children - and as Valeri Kaur says, no matter who 'we' are, we all must learn to say 'their children are our children' and act accordingly.

Ellen Cogan · November 06, 2023
Hilltop Early Childhood Services
Hartsdale, NY, United States

It is so hard to even think of any celebration when innocent babies and children are being held hostage by brutal terrorists. Many people of all backgrounds and religions including Palestinians have made strong statements against the brutality of the terrorists. Until the hostages are free, I cannot think of celebrating. And so sadly, most of the early childhood community has been silent on this issue.

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