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Finding the Work You Were Meant to Do
August 4, 2022
…to do at last what I came here for, and waste my heart on fear no more.
-John O’Donahue, Irish Poet, 1956-2008

"You don’t just ‘find’ your calling — you have to fight for it. And it’s worth the fight," writes Kate Torgovnick May on Ideas.Ted.com. Torgovnick May cites Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps, who says you find your calling at the intersection of doing something you’re good at, feeling appreciated, and believing your work is making others’ lives better. In his book, Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work, Isay writes, "It’s work ignited by hope, love, or defiance — and stoked by purpose and persistence."

In the article at the heart of the Exchange ReflectionsBOLDness, Be My Friend, Holly Elissa Bruno, Ruth Ann Ball, Alicia D. Smith and Beverlyn Cain invite us to reflect on these questions: "When were you last BOLD, standing up for what you believe in? What difference did your courage make? How did you brave your way through the claws of resistance? In this moment if you listen closely, does your true self call you like a hound of heaven to step up again? What is that difference you know in your heart you can make regardless of resistance from within and without?"

Defining BOLDness as being your "Best Brave Original Loving Direct Self," and sharing examples from their own lives, they ask, "why on earth not choose BOLDness! Even if our BOLDness fails, we shall have taken a chance to make a difference."

Exchange is in our name, which means we want to hear from you! Once again, we invite you to share your comments below, for possible inclusion in a future ExchangeEveryDay.


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Kirsten Haugen · August 09, 2022
Exchange Press
Eugene, OR, United States

Liana, that sounds really great! Please send it to Sara Gilliam, our Editor-in-Chief by writing to [email protected]. Go ahead and send what you have now, but you can also learn more about writing for Exchange on our website here:

Liana Laughlin · August 04, 2022
Somerville Public Schools
Somerville, MA, United States

As a trainer of family daycare providers, primarily working with immigrant providers I sent a letter to the director of Early Education and Care and her assistant, as well as the director of our program, advocating for the importance of valuing the culturally important care the daycare providers are providing for the bicultural children in their care. I would like to send the piece to your magazine as well in order to foster further thinking on this topic. How would I do that? Thank you for your help, Liana

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