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A Manner of Speaking Mar/Apr '09

by Bonnie Neugebauer
March/April 2009
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Watching Blake build a sandwich is a bit like having your own show on the Food Network! He is thoughtful in choosing his ingredients and precise in assembling them. He likes to see what might be available in the frig and experiment with combinations of flavors. The finished product is carefully plated and â€" voilá! As an observer you can sense his anticipation of the tastes to come, and you’re always hoping he’s going to share.

Spending time with my son-in-law helps me remember how much I love to cook. Together we share the pleasures of creating and savoring delicious family meals, and we teach each other things. But I think the most important thing I take away from these times together is the pleasure.

Blake enjoys choosing the pot to cook in, the knife to cut with, the bowl to serve in. Like an Iron Chef competitor, he relishes the challenge of planning a meal around what’s in the kitchen, rather than going to the store. He finds excitement in making something new and not knowing exactly how it will turn out. He challenges me to be creative because he will notice a sprinkling of chives as garnish, or the ...

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