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Enrollment-Building Ideas

by from Exchange Readers
July/August 2012
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Michaelyn Rainney, Bright Beginnings Learning Academy, San Diego, California:
During tours I ask parents if they have toured other schools and suggest they do. I tell them that whether it is our school or another they decide on, they should visit again. It may be calm and quiet then, but to see how teachers handle a hectic situation is important. It will give insight into the staff and the program. When families choose our school, I don’t want it to be because we are down the street or our tuition matches their budget. I want them to feel that it is the right program for their family.

Laura Holt, The Learning Tree Montessori, Seattle, Washington:
Having a strong curriculum foundation is key to attracting families. We use Montessori as our foundation and hire trained staff. We also invest in community building with families and have on-going parent education and professional development for our teachers. When these components are in place, we have no problem staying full. A high-quality program doesn’t need a lot of marketing if they are doing the basics really well.

Renee Gordon, Discovery Isle, Carlsbad/San Diego, California:
Our local news does features all over our town in all forms of venues. Online ...

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