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Getting Going

by Roslyn Duffy
September/October 2009
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�" Situation �"

Get Up �" NOW!

We can’t be late, again!

Hurry up!

We don’t have time for this!

The Basics

Does this sound like morning at your house? Getting a sleepy, reluctant, or dawdling little one up, dressed, fed, and out the door can challenge even the most saintly parent. Add to the stress a bus to catch (yours or theirs), late arrivals (yours and theirs), and more than one child to move from bed to bathroom to breakfast, and most of us feel as if we have completed a day’s work before the workday begins.

So what are the basics �" the ‘musts’ �" of most mornings?

Wake up. Get dressed. Eat. Gather Supplies. Leave.

At which of these steps does your morning stall? Whether the answer is one or all of them, here are a few ideas that might help.


Biology rules on this one. Children need a lot of sleep. If they don’t get it, getting them up and dressed is like maneuvering wet cement into pull-up diapers. Scroll back to the night before. Bedtime is surely a topic for another discussion, but there is no getting around the fact that morning wake-up and bedtime are two sides of the same ...

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