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Out of the Box Ideas for Director Evaluation - Part 1

by Roger Neugebauer
January/February 1996
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As talk heats up about the concept of director credentialing, attention will be focused intensely on how to evaluate the competence of a director. From observing directors in action and from reviewing current research on center quality, I have learned that there are key indicators of director effectiveness that do not lend themselves to standard evaluation formats. In this article I am presenting five hard indicators - measures that can be quantified. In a subsequent article, I will present five soft indicators - measures that are more subjective.

Turnover Rates

Most recent research has pointed accusing fingers at turnover as a major deterrent to center quality. Frequent turnover causes anxiety among children and parents. It also undermines team building and program development efforts.

Staff turnover rates reported in recent studies range anywhere from 37% to 41% nationwide, meaning that typically one third of all teachers need to be replaced every year. But turnover is not a given. While some centers struggle with turnover rates over 400%, many centers in these studies experienced almost no turnover.

Clearly, centers that pay significantly higher salaries have lower turnover rates. However, in my experience, centers operating under the same financial ...

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