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Seeing Children Fully Immersed in Sensory Exploration

by Jess Guiney, Sheena Wilton, and Deb Curtis
November/December 2012
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Jessica and Isabella were immediately drawn to the new chalk available on the patio. As soon as they saw the big basket, they found an open space and began testing the colors. They seemed attracted to the brighter shades " choosing to use them first. They began experimenting with differing amounts of pressure as they filled in the space with chalk. Isabella worked slowly, noticing the brightness of her colors. Jessica worked quickly, examining the amount of chalk dust that was accumulating as she moved her chalk across the ground like a windshield wiper.

When Jessica pointed out how much colorful dust had gathered around them, Isabella was intrigued to slowly and quietly explore it. First, she moved a little pile around with one finger. Then she swished her entire hand back and forth over the dust, mixing the colors together. Finally, Isabella blew the chalk dust across the cement, moving it in yet another way. After most of her work was beautifully blurred, she looked up and said, “It looks like a wish.”

As the girls continued to fill the space around them with different shades of chalk, they noticed more about how the colors blended and spread.

As they spread ...

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