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Supporting the Development of Scientific Thinking

ITEM #: 4902021

This volume of Exchange Essentials includes the following selected Exchange articles, in pdf format, focusing on supporting the development of scientific thinking:

  • Reflections on Science: The Development of the Hawkins Room for Messing About with Materials and Ideas
    by Mary Lynch, Lauren Foster Shaffer, and Ellen Hall
  • Science Literacy: Begin with Human Nature, Extend with Relationships
    by Karen Gallas
  • "Try it Out and Test it": Children as Researchers
    by Ann Pelo
  • Best Brains in Science Under Five: Helping Children Develop Intentionality
    by Judy Harris Helm
  • Early Connections with Nature Support Children’s Development of Science Understanding
    by Julie Thomas
  • Magnets Can Dance and Vanilla Smells Warm
    by Alison Lutton
  • Kids and Science: Magic in the Mix
    by Sally Cartwright

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Supporting the Development of Scientific Thinking