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Teaching Life Values through Music and Ukelele

by Kimo Hussey
January/February 2012
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It is probably not necessary to explain to an early education teacher about the therapeutic values inherent in music. If you have ever played quiet, calming music at naptime for children, you have seen some effects firsthand. But how important is music as part of a child’s education as a whole and what real-life values will they gain from the time and effort we use to teach them music?

Children are naturally (and thankfully) very inquisitive, a wonderful trait which opens doors to education, and music especially. This natural inquisitiveness invites children to music if we can simply come up with a means of effecting that invitation. They are attracted to music and want to have fun. And we want to make their musical experience rewarding. Certainly perseverance, balance, patience, teamwork, and discipline are a large part of those gains. Further,
neurological studies consistently have shown that involvement with music helps develop several parts of the brain, including areas primarily used in mathematics. For this reason, music can be a wonderfully supportive alternative to traditional learning methods characterized by repetition and rote memorization.


Music’s most significant contribution is teaching a student to understand there are very concrete rules that must be followed in ...

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