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Using the Element of Surprise in Environmental Design

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What's In This Kit?

This training kit contains a complete professional development plan designed to enable early childhood professionals to achieve competencies in designing physical environments with an element of surprise for optimal engagement. This kit includes practical and easy-to-implement training ideas such as suggestions for Small Group Discussions and Individual Reflection, Handson Activities for training attendees, reproducible Handouts for participants, and strategies for classroom Action Research.

Who's the Target Audience?
The target audiences for this training kit are beginning and intermediate Learners who are working with young children 3 through 5 years.

Teacher Skill Level
beginning intermediate advanced
Children's Age Level
infants toddlers preschoolers school-agers birth to 8

Kit Timeline:
Preparation time for this kit is estimated at 1.5 hours. Implementation and actual training time is 4.0 hours, which includes 2 hours of Face-to-Face training and 2 hours of Independent Study including an Applied Activity Project. [i.e: benchmark 1 [reading]: 30 minutes and benchmark 3 [Applied Activity]: 90 minutes].


The purpose of this Out of the Box Training Kit, "Using the Element of Surprise in Environmental Design," is to reinforce the importance of thoughtful physical environments in children’s engagement and guide teachers of young children to create, modify, and reflect on spaces with a particular emphasis on the element of surprise in design.

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